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This page will be full of information about our Kindergarten classroom. Monthly activities will be listed, as well as information about various aspects of our day. Please take the time to browse through the different pages linked to this page.


Welcome to Kindergarten! School will start Wednesday, August 28. We will be on a staggered schedule for the first two weeks of school. (See below)

The Stop and Grow after-school program will be available for those children who need someplace to go when we dismiss. Please check with the office for information about the program.

Elementary Open House will be Tuesday, August 27th from 1:00-3:30. Come in, meet your teacher and bring your supplies. The KINDERGARTEN PARENT INFORMATIONAL MEETING will be held at 2:00 in the lunchroom. See you there!


Lunch Information The breakfast/lunch menu can be found in the Black Hills Pioneer, the monthly take-home calendar or on the Elementary Website: .  Please call for pricing information.  


Class Supplies Click on the bumble bee for a list of needed school supplies for the 2013-2014 school year. Many supplies, such as crayons, markers, pencils and glue sticks will be communal and do not need to be labeled with your child's name. Headphones, scissors and glue bottles should be labeled. We will catch the rest at school.



Schedule  Kindergarten runs on a Red, White and Blue Day schedule. We have PE everyday! Please make sure that your child is dressed to run and jump during PE. Tennis shoes are required for PE and may be kept in your child's locker. Each morning is reserved for our Language Arts program. We have morning, lunch and afternoon recesses so please make sure that your child is dressed for outside play. Kindergarten goes to lunch at 10:55 followed by recess at 11:15-11:45. Specials are at 11:55 and run as follows: Red Day: Music, White Day: PE and  Blue Day: Library(1st semester) and Art (2nd semester). We have morning PE on Red and Blue days.


August 28th-August 30th: 8:10-11:00 am.

September 3rd-September 6th: 8:10-1:30 (We will be eating lunch at school)

September 9th and on: 8:10-3:00 pm. (Kindergartners are released 10 minutes earlier than the other grades to cut down on congestion.)


Class Rules  Be kind. Be a learner. Be responsible. Be helpful. Be respectful. Interrupt only during a "B" emergency.  

RECESS Recess is a very important part of our day. Kindergartners learn social skills as well as get some much needed exercise when they go outside to play. We go outside for recess everyday unless it is raining or the temperature is below zero. Children who are too sick to go outside probably need to stay home another day or two until they are well enough to participate in all kindergarten activities.  

Dress for the Playground Our lower playground is shaded in the mornings. In the Fall and Spring the children need to have jackets to wear during recess. During wintry weather our kindergartners need to have hats, mittens, snow boots and warm coats for recess. Practice with your child to make sure he/she can dress independently and that all fasteners work. Please check jackets for lose strings and belts that may be a safety issue. Check the weather here:  

Friday Folders Friday Folders are bright yellow non-tear folders that are sent home on the last day of the school week. Please check your child's backpack for important information each week. Friday Folders need to be returned the following Monday.  

Reading to Your Child Check out this poem about the importance of reading to your child. The statistics from the U.S. Dept. of Education are something to think about. Click on the bee.  

Snacks  We are in the 3rd year of a grant which provides an fresh fruit or vegetable snack each day. The children need to refuel to keep going throughout the day. It is also a time that our students practice their manners and social skills. Some days we need a little more than our provided snack. Please send healthy, non-perishable snacks to share with the class. Some ideas are: graham crackers, pretzels, cheerios and other finger-food type cereals, crackers, etc. Please save sugary snacks for birthdays and special occasions.  

Poetry Journals We use poetry, chants, cheers and songs to learn to read. Each week we add new pages to our Poetry Journals and practice many of the reading skills we are working on. Watch for more information on our Poetry Journal.  

Home to School Homework Projects  Beginning in October we will send home monthly projects for our kindergartners to do with their parents. Our students are very proud of their projects and love to tell us about them. These projects are displayed in our hallway for all to enjoy.  

Take Home Reading As the year progresses your child may be bringing home his/her take-home reading folder 1-2 times weekly. Please make sure that you have your child read the book or do the activity and return the book and folder the next day. We need these back so that we can refill them for more learning activities! Watch for future information in the 2nd nine weeks.  

Popcorn Words Popcorn words are the sight words that all children should be able to read. Kindergartners work on 45+ sight words plus word families. Click on the daisy for lots of Popcorn Word activities and links. Watch for new pages for word family activities.


Links If you haven't taken time to check out the Links page on this website, please do so. There are links for the students and some for the parents. I will be adding links throughout the year.  

The ABC's of Kindergarten Click the flower for all of our Kindergarten information handed out at the beginning of the year.