Popcorn Words

Popcorn words are words that keep popping up in our reading. We see these high frequency words everywhere. Fluent readers are able to read these words on sight without taking time to try to sound out the words or use other clues to figure them out. In the classroom we place our popcorn or sight words on the word wall to remind us that we need to be able to read these words when we see them. I have listed some of the popcorn words that we learn in the 1st grade below. There are some activity suggestions and links to other sites about sight words or popcorn words. Our list includes color words, number words and words from the Dolch word list.

First Graders should be able to read List 1, List 2 and List 3 by the end of the First Grade. List 1 is shown below. To see Lists 2-5 click here.

a and away big blue can
come down find for funny go
help here in is it jump
little look make me my not
one play red run said see
the three to two up we
where yellow you      
Popcorn Word Activities
  BOOMPlace index cards with a sight word printed on each in a container or basket. Print BOOM on a few cards and mix them in with the word cards. Players take turns picking a card and reading the word. If the player is correct, the card is kept. If the word is read incorrectly, it goes back into the container. When a player chooses a BOOM card, he must put all of his word cards back into the container. The player with the most cards wins. I adapt this game by replacing the BOOM cards with cards that match the holidays or classroom themes. For example: BOO for Halloween, HO HO HO for Christmas, BRRRR for winter, ZOOM for space, SWIM for ocean, etc The class never gets tired of this game. I have containers with harder words for my better readers and a container with word/picture cards to provide full support for my special needs students.
  Popcorn Word Concentration: Make word cards with pairs of popcorn words. Turn all cards upside down and play Concentration by turning over two cards at a time. Players must read the words as they are turned over. If the words match, the pair is kept. If they do not match, the cards are turned back over. The player with the most pairs of matching words win the game.
  Newspaper Word Find: Using a newspaper and a highlighter marker or yellow marker or crayon, find Popcorn Words from the list and highlight them. You can also look for Popcorn words on various food boxes, magazines and advertisement flyers.

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